The difference between High pressure Fan and low pressure Fan

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In the selection of fans, there are many types of fans, such as customers who do not know are easy to get confused, do not know which type to choose, which can meet my situation, compare the two types mentioned today: high-pressure fan and low-pressure fan. 

There is an essential difference between the high-pressure fan and the low-pressure fan. It can be seen from the surface that the pressure of the high-pressure fan must be very high, while the pressure of the low-pressure fan is very low and can not be used in high-pressure places. 

In terms of operation principle, the high-pressure fan and the low-pressure fan are both the same working mode, which converts kinetic energy into potential energy. It uses the high-speed rotating impeller to use the gas as the medium-pressure fan and completes the whole operation process. 

However, compared with the high-pressure fan, the structure of the low-pressure fan is different from that of the high-pressure fan, that is, the difference of the fan impeller. 

We all know that the high-pressure fan uses the annular impeller, while the low-pressure fan is the impeller of the centrifugal fan. 

Although the pressure of the high-pressure fan is much greater than that of the low-pressure fan, the flow rate of the low-pressure fan is much larger than that of the high-pressure fan, usually more than ten times, which is a very special place. 

And the pressure is more than ten times less. 

After that, the actual use is different, because the high-pressure fan can not pass the material from the fan, so it is only suitable for gas transportation in various industries, while the high-pressure centrifugal fan can pass the material and is a small particle object. therefore, it can be used for air exhaust, dust removal and so on. 

So how to tell the difference? 

In fact, it is very easy, one is to look at the parameter properties of the label, look at the pressure parameters. 

Second, look at the style, low-pressure fan, the overall size is very large, especially the pump body, the diameter is very large, so the air volume will be large.


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