Application industry of air blower

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Application of air blower. 

1, printed circuit board equipment: printed circuit board (PCB), liquid crystal display (LCD), computer monitor (TFT) and other products cleaning, water cutting, drying. 

2. Electronic production equipment: in the use of the wave furnace, the bridge connection is made, the excess flux of the PCB plate is blown off, and the plate surface is evenly coated; in the use of the tin spraying machine, the excess solder on the printed board surface is removed and the excess solder in the metal hole is removed, thus a bright, flat and uniform solder coating is obtained. at the same time, the excess solder in the metal hole is removed, thus a bright, flat and uniform solder coating is obtained. 

In the use of copper clad film production line, the uniform film formation and strong oxidation resistance of PCB dip coating and soldering film are ensured. 

3. Food and beverage filling equipment: water cutting and drying before marking or labeling of beverage bottles, cans and all kinds of packaged food; pneumatic conveying of cans. 

4. Cleaning equipment: especially suitable for electronic industry PCB board cleaning dryer, glass cleaning machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, tunnel car cleaning machine, commercial dishwasher. 

5. Coating equipment: coating thickness control, moisture removal, drying, large area high temperature drying; metal surface treatment: cut water drying / deoiling after electroplating, effectively control coating thickness and ensure uniform thickness. 

6. Tyres and rubber equipment: curing press, removal of moisture / oil, drying, electrostatic inhibition. 

7. Wire and cable equipment: removal of moisture / oil, drying, electrostatic inhibition, such as water removal of precision copper tubes in air conditioners, etc. 

8. Fish breeding: used for surface aeration, oxygenation, oxygenation grid and oxygenation system. 

9. Textile equipment: coating thickness control and ensure uniform thickness, moisture removal / drying, yarn drawing machine; high-speed hosiery machine. 

10. Printing equipment: UV glazing machine, instant drying of printing ink within 1-5 seconds; screen printing machine. 

11. Automotive industry: oil / moisture removal from engine parts, dust / moisture removal after car body painting and grinding, car cleaning and moisture removal / drying. 

12. Air treatment equipment: gas detection equipment for atmospheric environment: collection, purification and recycling of toxic and harmful gases. 

13. Plastic auxiliary machine and central feeding system: in the use of casting machine, the air knife on the cooling roll forms a thin air layer between the film and the surface of the cooling roll, so that the film cools evenly, so as to maintain high-speed production and ensure uniform casting film; at the same time, it is used for vacuum feeding, drying, dehumidification and central feeding system of injection molding machine. 

Application of air blower. 

No matter which brand of high-pressure fan, it needs to be protected in two aspects: one is pressure, the other is dust. 

For pressure, the relief valve is often used, which is an unloading valve. When the pressure of the high-pressure fan exceeds the pressure set by the relief valve, the relief valve will automatically open and release the excess pressure to protect the high-pressure fan. 

For dust, filters are often used. 

According to the different use site, it often uses different filter elements with different filtering accuracy, and different filter elements have different maintenance methods and service life, which need to be asked when ordering. 

In some special occasions, special protection is also needed: for example, when used in a sealed environment, pay attention to ventilation and heat dissipation; when the ambient temperature (when the intake temperature is relatively high), pay more attention to ventilation and heat dissipation, or choose a high-pressure fan with a higher intake temperature (for example, there is a Lionel high-pressure fan, the allowable inlet temperature can reach 70 degrees).


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