The working steps before the start-up of the side channel blower should be ready.

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Uses: printing machinery environment mechanical dryer, combustion machinery incineration powder, plastic extractor, bag blower, film sprayer, powder feeding incubator, fruit machine, kitchen mechanical cooling, woodworking machinery general air supply, all air high pressure blowers should be paid attention to when starting: 1. Before starting the high pressure suction fan, the high pressure suction regulating door should be closed tightly, and the load should be started in case of misoperation. 

Check whether the bearing oil level is normal, whether the cooling water supply is normal, whether the coupling is in good condition, and whether the hole is closed. 

Pay attention to the start time. 

No-load current is normal. 

Figure 4. 

When the ammeter shows that the no-load current is restored, the opening of the throttle can be adjusted to the appropriate position. 

Be prepared to check No.1 before starting to see if the bolted joint is loose. 

The solenoid valve of the vibration system is installed in place. 

Figure 3. 

Whether the wind is closed or not. 

Turn on the air source of the vibration system and check whether the pressure is leaking. 

Start the vibration system and fan 1, start the vibration system and observe whether it is normal or not. 

2. Start the motor and observe whether the motor is working normally and whether it is abnormal or not. 

Check whether the wind direction is correct, if the wind direction is not correct, please change the motor phase sequence with the relevant personnel. 

Figure 4. 

Carefully check whether the bolt connection is loose and whether there is any abnormal sound. 

When operating, always pay attention to the operation of the dedusting fan, whether there is any abnormal sound. 

Figure 6. 

The dedusting fan will run for five minutes before the device can be put into operation. 

Shut down No. 1, the equipment will be shut down after 15 minutes of the wind turbine. 

Figure 2. 

When the machine is turned off, cut off the power and air supply. 

Structural characteristics of side channel blower: when purchasing side channel blower, we should not only understand the characteristics of the equipment, but also understand the characteristics of the equipment, in order to give full play to the potential of the equipment. 

You know, any product is meaningful. 

Such a device is no exception, and there is a reason why it is designed to be what it is today, in order to make it more stable. 

The side channel blower is made of adc12 die-casting aluminum, with high dimensional accuracy, generally 6 / 7 or even 4, good surface finish, 5 / 8, high strength and hardness, 25 / 30% higher strength and hardness than sand castings, but elongation reduced by about 70%, stable size, good interchangeability, die-casting aluminum thin-walled composite castings. 

For example, the small wall thickness of zinc alloy die casting can reach 0.3 mm, the wall thickness of aluminum alloy die casting can reach 0.5 mm, the wall thickness of zinc alloy die casting can reach 0.7 mm, and the wall thickness of zinc alloy die casting can reach 0.75 mm. 

The side channel blower uses a special blade design to design the external characteristics of the equipment, mainly because this design method can increase the pressure of the equipment, increase the air volume of the equipment, effectively reduce the noise in the operation of the equipment, and prolong the service life of the equipment. 

During the operation of the high pressure vortex fan, the air volume can be controlled to make its operation more stable and convenient. 

The appearance of the equipment is beautiful and convenient for later maintenance. 

Among the high pressure fans sold in the market, there are various models, but they are basically the same. 

At the time of purchase, consumers can choose according to the requirements of actual use. 

However, no matter what kind of equipment, can achieve normal operation, high pressure or high suction stroke, so that the equipment can better serve the production of enterprises and provide more help for people to use.


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