Vacuum Pump Industry Report

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Influenced by the downstream demand and environmental requirements, vacuum pump market segments performed differently. Despite a wider application, such as liquid ring vacuum pumps, which are limited by requirements for environmental protection, have the shrinking market share. In contrast, dry scroll vacuum pump market sprang up and scored great performance in recent years. But the high-end market was mainly dominated by European, American and Japanese companies.

The output of vacuum pumps in China by the year of 2018 ,  it will be very likely to climb to 11.84 million sets , with an estimated CAGR of 5.5%”

water ring vacuum pumps are used in many technological processes of industrial production, which are including vacuum filtration and vacuum water diversion,paper making etc. a low technical requirement is needed. In terms of price, China-made water ring pumps are more competitive. until now , china is the largest liquid ring pump manufacturers.

Vacuum pumps are widely used in these fields , such as chemicals, coal ,drying , pharmaceutical , food, metallurgy, and electronic coating industry , In recent years , the rapid development of these industries has bolstered the fast growth of vacuum pumps. In the year of 2014, the output of vacuum pumps in China have reached 9.56 million units, up 7.2% from a year earlier. We predict that by 2018 this figure will be very likely to climb to 11.84 million units, with an estimated CAGR of 5.5%.

Also , turbo molecular vacuum pumps are also widely used in many industries , such as nuclear physics, electric vacuum, and surface science ,  As the semiconductor industry grows rapidly, the market segment expands at a fast pace.


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