Debugging method of blower

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The structure of centrifugal fan is complex, which is mainly composed of air inlet, air door, impeller, motor and air outlet. 

Centrifugal fans play different roles in different states. 

Therefore, when the working conditions of different parts are different, the effect of the centrifugal fan will be affected. 

We can start from many aspects to debug the centrifugal fan to the best state. 

1. The centrifugal fan allows full-voltage start-up or step-down electric drive, but it should be noted that the current at full-voltage start-up is about 5-7 times of the rated current. 

The step-down starting torque is proportional to the square of the voltage. 

When the grid capacity is insufficient. 

We should start with reducing blood pressure. 

2. When testing the centrifugal fan, you should carefully read the product specification and check whether the wiring method is consistent with the wiring diagram; you should carefully check whether the working voltage of the fan power supply meets the requirements and whether the power supply is out of phase or in the same phase. whether the capacity of the distributor components meets the requirements. 


The number of people tested is not less than two. 

One person controls the power supply. 

Special personnel to observe the operation of the fan, immediately found abnormal phenomena. 

First check whether the rotation direction is correct. 

After the centrifugal fan starts to run, check whether the running current of each phase is correct. 

Balance, the current exceeds the rated current; if there is anything abnormal, stop checking. 

After five minutes of operation, check whether the fan is abnormal, confirm that there is no abnormal phenomenon, and then turn it on. 

Centrifugal fan. 

4. When testing the two-speed centrifugal fan, start at low speed first and check whether the rotation direction is correct. 

When starting at high speed, it must be started after the fan is still to prevent high-speed reversal, causing the switch to trip and damage the motor. 

5. When the centrifugal fan reaches the normal speed, the input current of the fan should be measured. 

The working current of the centrifugal fan can not exceed its rated current. 

If the working current exceeds its rated current, check that the supply voltage is normal. 

6. The motor power required by the centrifugal fan refers to the high power required by the centrifugal fan and the wind chassis when the air inlet is fully open under certain working conditions. 

If the air intake is fully open and running, there is a risk of damage to the motor. 

When testing the fan, it is best to close the valve at the inlet or outlet of the fan. 

After the end of operation, the valve gradually opens to meet the required operating conditions, and the operating current of the fan exceeds the rated current. 

If the centrifugal fan is debugged in strict accordance with the above debugging method, the efficiency of the centrifugal fan can reach more than 98%.


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