Code for operation of centrifugal blower

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Before starting the fan, the following preparations should be done: 

1. Close the adjustment door. 

2. Check the gap size of the fan parts, whether there are scratches or collisions between the rotating parts and the fixed parts. 

3. No one shall stand in the radial direction of the impeller or near the coupling. 

High pressure centrifugal fan. 

4. Check whether the bearing mailbox is up to the standard. 

5. Check whether the electrical wiring and instrument are correct. 

6. Check whether the cooling section is normal. 

When the fan starts up, when it reaches the normal number of revolutions, the regulating door will be opened gradually until the prescribed load is reached. 

In the course of operation, the temperature rise of the bearing shall not be higher than 40 ℃ and the surface temperature shall not be higher than 80 ℃. 

If the temperature rises too high, it can be cooled with water. 

Generally speaking, it should be considered in terms of 0.5~1m3/h. 

If the effect is not good, the water flow can be increased appropriately.


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