How to configure the throttle on the centrifugal blower

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The regulating door is a device used to adjust the flow rate of the centrifugal blower. 

The adjusting door is petal-shaped and axially installed in front of the air inlet. 

Due to the use of external transmission structure, the rotation is flexible and convenient. 

The range of adjustment is from 90 °(fully closed) to 0 °(fully open). 

Adjust the position of the door leaf from the air intake direction, rotate the fan plate on the right side to the right, and push it from the bottom up to the full open direction. 

Blower throttle. 

For left-hand fans, pull the board from the top to the full open direction. 

In order to make the regulating door work properly, it must be well lubricated. 

The grease adopts high temperature (260 ℃) bentonite grease to ensure the lubrication of the fan at high temperature.


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