Aeration blower for sewage treatment

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Features: steady flow, high efficiency, low energy consumption: under the previous design and strict quality control, the sewage treatment air blower has the following performance. 

Low energy consumption: so any method such as blowing and suction has its efficiency, and there is a more conservative design in the range of high pressure. When the use situation changes, the sewage treatment blowers still operates safely. 

High reliability: in addition to the impeller, the sewage treatment fan has no other moving parts, and the impeller is directly connected to the motor, no gear or transmission belt drive, so the reliability is high, almost maintenance-free. 

Easy to install: the sewage treatment fan can be installed in the place of use for compressed air or vacuum at any time. 

And can be installed in any horizontal or vertical direction. 

Low noise: the use of low-noise motor direct transmission, entrances and exits are equipped with built-in loudspeaker, can reduce the noise during operation. 

Solid structure: AC10 aluminum alloy casting for the main body of the sewage treatment blowers is different from the Liang Jin fan made of iron shell, which is more sturdy and durable. 

No oil, gas, no pollution: when the impeller rotates, it does not contact with any parts and is free of lubrication. 

Save space-solid design, reduce space waste. 

Wide range of application: many specifications-according to the different needs of customers, sewage treatment fans with different voltage specifications can be divided into large air volume and high air pressure, making customers more flexible in their selection.


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