Standard for low noise and air blowers

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Standard for low noise and air blower. 

The standard of low-noise air blower-the measurement unit of air blower noise is decibels, which is indicated by the symbol dBA. In people's birth, 30-40 decibels is an ideal quiet environment. 

More than 50 decibels can affect sleep and rest. 

More than 70 decibels will interfere with conversation and affect work efficiency. 

Living in a noise environment above 90 decibels for a long time will seriously affect hearing and cause neurasthenia, headache, elevated blood pressure and other diseases. 

air blower is indispensable in many enterprises, and many enterprises also have deep feelings for this! 

An important part and link of printing machinery is the air blower, because it can force the drying of printing blocks in the printing process to improve production efficiency. 

When used on the screen printing machine, it can also play the role of positioning, effectively ensuring the high accuracy and precision of printing, thus ensuring the efficiency of printing. 

People are not satisfied with the pressure and air volume requirements of the centrifugal air pump, and the noise of the centrifugal air pump has increasingly become a headache in the factory. 

With its small appearance and noise, this fan met the demand of the society for high-pressure fan at that time. 

The bearing vibration of the high pressure blower is too large to bear the impact load, which seriously affects the stability of the lubricating film. 

The cooling water of the bearing of the high pressure blower is insufficient or interrupted, which affects the heat and increases the temperature of the bearing. 

The bearing quality of high pressure blower is poor. 

The poor scraping quality of the sliding bearing, poor black gold contact or tire release, and cracks, fragmentation and spalling on the rolling surface of the rolling bearing will destroy the stability and uniformity of the oil film and make the bearing hot. 

Causing an increase in noise.


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