Annular explosion-proof blower

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The explosion-proof performance of the annular explosion-proof air blower conforms to GB3836.1-2000 "Electrical equipment for explosive gas environment-part 1: general requirements" and GB3836.2-2000 "Electrical equipment for explosive gas environment-part 2: flameproof type". It is also in line with the provisions of IEC79-7 BS4683 and EN50018 to make flameproof type. 

The explosion-proof marks are Ex dI, Ex dIIAT4 and Ex dIIBT4, which are suitable for places where explosive gas mixtures exist. 

Characteristics of annular explosion-proof air blower. 

1. It has the dual functions of blowing and suction, and can be used both in one machine and in the air. 

2. Running with little or no oil, the output air is clean. 

3. Compared with centrifugal blower and medium pressure blower, its pressure is much higher, which is often more than ten times that of centrifugal blower. 

4. If the pump body is die-cast and shockproof installation footings are used, then its requirements for installation foundation are also very low, and it can even operate normally without fixed footings, which is very convenient and saves installation costs and installation cycle. 

5. Compared with similar blowers, the noise of their operation is lower, such as our company launched a super quiet vortex blower: 

6, maintenance-free use; its wear and tear parts are only two bearings, during the warranty period, basically do not need maintenance. 

7. The mechanical wear of the vortex blower is very small, because there is no other mechanical contact part except the bearing, so of course, the service life is also very long, as long as it is under normal use conditions, there will be no problem for 3 to 5 years. 

8. Easy to install and easy to use! 

9, the overall use of aluminum alloy material, the motor is explosion-proof motor, there will never be the phenomenon of friction sparks, the use of more rest assured, explosion-proof performance is better. 

air blower. 

Annular explosion-proof air blower is suitable for: chemical plant, coal mine, tunnel, boiler, canning, glass industry, ventilation and exhaust, automatic cleaning, packaging, fish pond oxygen supply, aeration, garbage decomposition, gas transportation. 

Combustion oxygen reducing machine, cigarette filter molding machine, electroplating bath mixing, atomization dryer, water treatment aeration, aquaculture, screen printer, photoplatesetter, injection molding machine, automatic feeding and drying machine, liquid filling machine, powder filling machine, electric welding equipment, film machinery, paper transportation, dry cleaning clothes, cleaning purposes, air dedusting, dry bottle, gas transmission, chemical plants, coal mines, glass industry, pyrotechnics and firecrackers. 

Special places, pharmaceutical factories, etc. 

Instructions for use: 

1. Before installation, the blower should be carefully checked for damage and deformation. if there is any damage and deformation, it can not be installed until it is properly repaired. 

2. During installation, attention should be paid to checking whether the connecting parts are loose or not, and the gap between the blade and the air duct should be uniform and should not touch each other. 

3. The weight of the connecting tuyere pipe should not be borne by the air tube of the blower, and an additional support frame should be added during installation. 

4. The air collector must be installed at the tuyere end of the blower, and the protective net is expected to be installed. 

5. The blower base must be naturally connected with the foundation plane, and the forced connection of the base must not be knocked to prevent the base from deformation. during installation, the machine base should be corrected, the iron pad should be added, the horizontal position should be basically maintained, and then the foundation bolts should be tightened. 

6. After the installation is completed, the experiment must be carried out first, and the formal use is not allowed until it is running normally.


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