Fault point of two-stage air blower

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These faults of two-stage air blower are no longer a difficult problem. 

There are always some problems in the use of double-stage high-pressure fan. Why on earth is it? 

After professional analysis, most of the equipment failed in operation, mostly because the operators did not carry out a comprehensive inspection before using the equipment and did not carry out timely cleaning after the later use of the equipment. 

Due to the cleaning of the equipment, if the two-stage high-pressure fan is not cleaned, it will affect the next use. 

The double-stage high-pressure fan not only brings surprises to our life and work, but also brings troubles. 

If the two-stage high-pressure fan often breaks down in the course of use, it is a very headache. 

It includes the noise during the operation of the two-stage high-pressure fan, the hygiene problems of the fan and the troubles caused by the storage of the high-pressure blower. 

In order to help you solve these problems, we specially collected the relevant information about the two-stage high-pressure fan on the Internet, hoping to help you eliminate your troubles. 

The main contents are as follows: 1. Aiming at the noise generated during the operation of the two-stage air blower. 

How to solve this problem? 

The first thing to do is to stop and check to see where the problem is, and after finding out what the problem is, take correct measures to solve the problem. In order to ensure the safety of use, you can carry out short-term trial operation to ensure that the equipment is safe and sound. Normal operation. 

High pressure blower. 

2. Cleaning of high pressure blower. 

This is also an issue of great concern. If the failed cleaning problem is not well solved, the double-stage high-pressure fan is likely to cause equipment blockage and affect production, so we should clean the feed inlet and outlet of the equipment regularly and keep it clean and tidy, so that the operation of the high-pressure blower is always in a state. 

3. Storage of high pressure blower. 

This is mainly due to the large volume of the two-stage high-pressure fan, which makes it impossible for us to move the equipment frequently. 

Therefore, after using the equipment, we should move it to a cool and dry place, avoid the environment must not be wet, so as not to affect the life of the fan; if it is only not used for a short time, put it in the open air, should find a certain canvas cover, take protective measures.


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