Application of Inverter in air blower

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Application technology of frequency converter in air blower with the application of frequency converter in the field of air blower, air blower is regulated by frequency converter instead of traditional valve regulation. 

When the high-voltage fan starts at the power frequency, the current shock is large, which is easy to cause the fluctuation of the power grid voltage, while when the wind pressure of the high-voltage fan is set, the air volume needs to be adjusted by the number of workstations and outlet valves. in the actual production and operation, it is often controlled by adjusting the outlet valve to increase pipeline resistance, so some energy will be wasted. 

Variable frequency air blower. 

The selection of variable frequency air blower and frequency converter regulation has the following characteristics: 

1. FM can be used. 

Adjust the use according to different working conditions. 

2. The speed can be adjusted, and the fan can be adjusted smoothly through the frequency converter and other equipment. The air volume is easy to operate and easy to use. 

3. The frequency converter with various protection functions such as overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, overload and lack of phase can be selected to reduce accidents and provide fault information in time. 

Frequency converter. 

4. After adopting frequency conversion speed regulation, soft starting and soft braking can be adopted. 

Making use of the wide speed regulation range of the frequency converter, the frequency converter can be applied to the air blower to adjust the air volume of the fan. 

Because the soft start of the frequency converter can reduce the impact on the power grid when the motor starts, and when running, open the outlet valve to *, according to the requirements of the process and parameters, properly adjust the speed of the motor to adjust the air volume of the pipeline. in order to adjust the control of gas flow in the equipment. 

In addition, according to the feedback signals of other sensors, closed-loop control can be achieved, which is easy to use.


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