Three different Control modes of Inverter for explosion-proof medium air blower

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Explosion-proof medium air blower is a kind of explosion-proof power source equipment with excellent performance, which can not only be used for air suction, but also realize air blowing, which can be used both in one machine and in one machine. 

Compared with the centrifugal fan, its pressure is much higher, often more than ten times that of the centrifugal fan, deeply welcomed by users! 

Mainly used in factories, coal mines, tunnel furnaces, oil and gas, petrochemical and chemical industries, iron and steel metallurgical equipment, boiler processing rooms, city gas, transportation, grain and oil processing, glass industry, textile mills, papermaking machinery and equipment, fireworks and firecrackers, special places, pharmaceutical factories and other departments are also widely used. 

In the working process of the explosion-proof medium air blower, although the rotation of the impeller increases the pressure and speed of the gas, the variety of the gas is relatively small, so in the design and use of the centrifugal fan, usually the gas is treated as an incompressible fluid. 

The gas treatment process of explosion-proof medium air blower is completed in the same radial plane, so medium air blower is also called runoff centrifugal fan. 

The frequency converter of explosion-proof medium air blower has three control modes: local, remote and upper. Different control modes can be switched freely, and users can choose according to the needs of the field. 

Under the condition of normal ventilation, the frequency converter can be set to remote control or upper control mode to monitor in the central control room; when the frequency converter needs to be operated on the spot and the system is jointly adjusted, it is generally required to operate the frequency converter locally. At this time, the frequency converter can be selected as the local control mode, that is, the frequency converter can be operated directly on the frequency converter man-machine interface. 

The main contents are as follows: 1. The frequency converter has the reversal function, and the user can set the relevant parameters according to the on-site requirements; when the inverter parameters are allowed, there is no need for hardwired phase modulation, only to adjust the given frequency to a negative number, the motor can enter the reversal mode. 

When a major accident such as a fire occurs underground, the mine fan can immediately enter the reversal mode to avoid the expansion of disasters and protect personal safety. 

2. The frequency converter has the functions of motor over-current, frequency converter current-limiting, frequency converter over-current, input out-of-phase, output out-of-phase, overheat protection, overvoltage protection, leakage lock protection and so on, which ensures the safety of the system itself and user equipment.


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