Two advantages of air blower

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What are the two outstanding advantages of air blower? 

The air blower system mainly includes blower body, blower intelligent management platform and management center. 

Data or instructions can be obtained through digital communication between the three systems. 

According to the situation on site, the communication connection is wired or wireless. 

Cable can include: optical fiber, standard network cable, twisted pair, etc.; wireless can include: Bluetooth, WiFi, 4G/5G and other communication methods. 

The control and monitoring center can allow specific networks to access the intelligent wind turbine management platform to achieve remote data management. 

The traditional blower energy saving is mainly based on the blower material, structure, technology and other factors, the energy saving effect is not obvious, the economic benefit is difficult to reflect. 

As a big country of energy consumption in the national economy, improving the operation efficiency of blower and the level of intelligent operation and scientific management of blower will play an important role in the large energy consumption country, especially in the countries where coal accounts for a large proportion in the energy structure, and it is very important to improve the environment. 

High efficiency blower. 

The two outstanding advantages of air blower are as follows: 

One: efficiency. 

The main results are as follows:

 1. The aerodynamic model of the blower is used for design and selection, and the series of blowers have high efficiency and wide range of high efficiency. 

2. The design method of mass customization is adopted to ensure the good match between the blower and the system. 

3. By optimizing the radial clearance, machining accuracy and the special design of the collector, the loss of air leakage in the blower is greatly reduced, the operation efficiency of the blower is improved, and the effect of saving energy and reducing consumption is achieved. 

Two: stability. 

1. The low resistance olive shaft is adopted, compared with the traditional stepped shaft, the fluid resistance of the blower is smaller and the flow loss is reduced; the safety factor of the critical speed is designed according to 1.45-1.5, which is much higher than the design value of 1.25-1.30 of the ordinary blower, which is safer, so that the stiffness of the blower spindle is stronger and the operation stability is improved; the spindle material is made of 35CrMo alloy steel, which is better than the 45 °material of the ordinary blower, and has better high temperature resistance after quenching and tempering. 

2. The dynamic balance grade of the rotor is G2.5, which reduces the unbalance to a low level. 

3. The bearings adopt imported brands, and other key components adopt high-strength materials and better domestic brands. 

4. The impeller wear-resistant liner adopts imported high hardness composite materials and advanced wear-resistant technology to prolong the service life of the blower. 

5. The blade of high efficiency blower adopts special logarithmic spiral design, reasonable inlet and outlet angle, and is not easy to accumulate dust.


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