Causes of scraping of Impeller of Air Blower

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Azimuth and cause of scraping of Impeller of Air Blower. 

The use of Air Blower in the day is still appropriate, in many places, we can see its use. 

So in our days, what we can know is that no matter when it is, Air Blower will make our industry develop better and better. 

This song is appropriate and good because of its own characteristics. 

The simple damaged parts of the high-pressure blower also include its impeller, which is damaged because it simply scratches with the parts around it. 

What causes the impeller of the Air Blower to be so troubled? 

As the high temperature occurs when the Air Blower is running, the operator should prevent touching the shell of the fan to avoid scalding. 

There are many similar points for attention about the high-pressure fan. I hope you can grasp it in all aspects. 

Air Blower. 

In the process of operation, the change of air pressure will cause the load current of the high voltage fan motor, so the suitable overload protection switch should be selected for its wiring and used under the rated full load current to prevent the motor from burning. 

Together, regularly organize the interior and exterior of the high-pressure fan, adhere to the outstanding role of heat dissipation, and reduce the occurrence of failures. 

Air Blower does not operate smoothly or abnormal noise appears, the need to immediately turn off the power supply for maintenance, otherwise parts may be damaged. 

In addition, the surrounding environment has a great impact on the equipment, if the temperature rises, do not put the high-pressure fan in the airtight room. 

Common is the scraping of impeller and impeller, as well as the scraping of impeller and shell and wallboard, once the occurrence of Air Blower will show varying degrees of problems. 

Once upon a time, it may be due to impurities on the impeller that the gap between the impeller and the impeller is so small that it only needs to be clear about the dirt. 

It is also possible that the gears are not firmly fixed or worn, which can not adhere to the synchronization of the impeller, or it may be caused by the increase of clearance caused by bearing wear. 

The reason for the latter scratching condition is similar, either because the device clearance is incorrect, or the possible operating pressure and temperature do not meet the requirements, or the deformation of the shell or base of the high-pressure blower leads to the failure of equipment positioning.


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