Dry hot air blower

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Characteristics and Application of Dry hot air blower. 

1. Introduction of Dry hot air blower: 

The main results are as follows: 1. The dry hot fan generally uses nickel-chromium wire electrified heating air as the hot air source, which is clean and hygienic. 

In the work, the air passes uniformly from the inside / outside of the spiral electric heating wire, the heat exchange is uniform, and the loss of wind pressure and flow is small. 

2. The temperature is controlled by PID/SSR and the reaction is fast. Some models are equipped with overheat overload protection device and K-type thermocouple at the air outlet to detect the air temperature directly. 

3, thermal insulation cotton, using spray shell, sustainable operation. 

4. The operating temperature can reach 350 ℃, and there are many occasions in which the air volume can be adjusted by frequency converter. 

Dry hot air blower. 

Second, the application of drying hot air blower: 

1. Thermal shrinkage of bottle cap seal. 

2. Thermal shrinkage of bottle label. 

3. Bottle box / inkjet drying. 

4. Pipe / cable water cutting and drying. 

5. Printing drying. 

6. the inner wall of the tubule is dry. 

7. Simple assembly drying room. 

8. Bend pipe (metal / plastic).


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