Need to know about the selection and purchase of high pressure fan-industrial hot fan

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Industrial heat fan belongs to a kind of industrial air heating equipment, which can be used in some industries, such as vegetable greenhouse, construction engineering, workshop and so on. 

Some matters that should be paid attention to when choosing and purchasing industrial heat fans. 

1. Understand the fan parameters, and know more about the relevant parameters of the equipment when selecting the industrial heat fan. The parameters of the equipment include many, such as air volume, voltage, power, rotational speed, temperature control device, over-protection device and so on. These parameters will directly affect the later use. Here the demand indicates the air pressure value of the equipment. Some people do not understand that the high voltage output demand of the general equipment is more than 3000 Pa. 

The medium pressure is between 1000 and 3000 Pascal, and the low pressure is about. Users should consider its physical and chemical properties, such as noise, vibration, corrosion and so on. 

2. To understand the internal structure of the equipment, we should not only consider the internal structure of the equipment, but also pay attention to the sealing performance of the pipeline, error, operating air volume, etc., generally the air volume is between 1.05 and 1.1. 

Also pay attention to the safety factor of the equipment, do not choose too large safety factor, inefficient operation, may damage the equipment. 

Industrial heat fan. 

3. The main considerations for inspecting the quality of industrial heat fans are as follows: 

Air volume: know how many cubic meters of wind are produced per unit time when the fan is running. 

Wind pressure: knowing the pressure generated by the fan during operation may be one of the causes of the failure. 

Noise: know that the sound produced by the fan is mainly caused by wind, electromagnetic and bearings. it is necessary to distinguish the different characteristics of these sounds. 

Service life: the working speed of the fan is lower than the prescribed speed, it may not be able to continue to use, the use of the hot fan has its own time. 

The ambient temperature is also important for the work of the hot fan. When the fan is working, where is the temperature and environment, the influence of temperature on the fan, the temperature is high, so the use time of the fan will be reduced, the temperature is low, and the grease of the bearing can not run.


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