What will happen in parallel connection of air blower

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What will happen in parallel connection of air blower? 

In the operation of air blower, users will work several air blower in parallel, and there are unstable zones in parallel operation of air blower, which may endanger their working conditions and may be accompanied by the deviation of total flow distribution. although the air blower can still work during the operation, it can not be kept working at a fixed working point under the action of many factors. 

The operating point may sink. 

At this time, the operating point of each high-pressure fan will also be changed, in which there may be high-pressure fan working in the unstable area. 

air blower in parallel. 

The unstable parallel working conditions of the high-pressure fan constitute the total flow offset, and a fan may have the phenomenon of countercurrent due to the change of the total flow. 

In addition, for the same high-pressure fan, once the unstable parallel working condition occurs, it may constitute the mutual transformation of the midpoint of the high-pressure fan operation. 

What happens in the parallel connection of high-pressure fans is due to the continuous development of the process, high-pressure fans with different power can not work in parallel, which may endanger the normal operation of parallel equipment, and may also constitute the vibration of the equipment? the influence of the full load or load of the motor.


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