Technical requirements for common unit parameters of air blowers

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Technical requirements for common unit parameters of air blower. 

The name of high-pressure fan is also different in different industries, such as high-pressure blower, annular blower, vortex air pump, high-pressure vacuum pump, vortex blower, vortex fan, vortex fan, vortex air pump and so on. 

Technical requirements for common unit parameters of air blower. 

Pressure: the pressure of the fan refers to the rising pressure (relative to the atmospheric pressure), that is, the rising value of the gas pressure in the fan or the difference of the gas pressure at the inlet and outlet of the fan. 

It can be divided into static pressure, dynamic pressure and full pressure. 

The performance parameter refers to the total pressure (equal to the difference between the outlet of the fan and the total pressure), and its units are commonly used, such as Pa, KPa, mH2O, mmH2O and so on. 

Flow rate: the volume of gas that flows through the fan per unit time, also known as air volume. 

Q is commonly used to express it, and the common units are: M3 m3/min s, M3 Universe h (seconds, minutes, hours). 

(sometimes "mass flow" is also used, that is, the gas quality that flows through the fan in a unit time. At this time, it is necessary to consider the gas density of the fan, which is closely affected by the gas composition, local atmospheric pressure, gas temperature and pressure. It needs to be converted to get the habitual "gas flow". 

Commonly used air blower. 

Speed: rotating speed of fan rotor. 

It is often expressed as n and its unit is r/min (r for rotational speed and min for minutes). 

Power: the power needed to drive the fan. 

It is often expressed as N and its unit is Kw. 

Performance characteristics: 

1. The blades and covers of the high-pressure fan are made of ADC12 aluminum die-casting, which is equivalent to the steel ring of Mercedes-Benz wheels. 

Second, high-pressure fan bearings using high-speed, high-temperature bearing, in the case of 50Hz 2800 rpm / min, in the case of 60Hz 3450 rpm, no lubrication, no maintenance. 

Support 24-hour long-term operation, stable and reliable performance. 

Third, the inlet and outlet of the dual-purpose fan is equipped with a built-in muffler tube to achieve low noise. 

4. The models below 1.1KW of air blower can be used under full pressure. 

Fifth, the pressure of the air blower is stable. Through the application of water treatment and electroplating treatment, it is proved that the mixing is uniform and the tumbling height of the water wave is the same. 

Sixth, high-pressure fan is economical and energy-saving. 

Under the same power, pressure and flow, the current of the high voltage fan is less than that of other similar products. 

7. The air cover of the air blower adopts the sheet heat dissipation design, which is equivalent to the heat dissipation device of the motorcycle engine, which greatly reduces the temperature of the fan during operation. 

The high-pressure fan adopts the bearing front design principle, and the two bearings are placed at the front end of the fan blade and the back end of the motor to achieve the dynamic balance configuration and is conducive to heat dissipation. 

(the reason is that the front end of the blade has a heat sink for heat dissipation, while the back end bearing works under the cooling fan of the fan, thus keeping the bearing working at low temperature for a long time. 


9. The high-pressure fan adopts a special shockproof foot design, which greatly reduces the vibration produced in the operation of the fan.


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