Air flow Operation trend of suction air blower

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Use of suction air blower: 

First of all, it is often used in printing machinery, environmental machinery, fruit-making machinery, textile machinery, electronic machinery, woodworking machinery, cleaning equipment, canned beverage equipment, plastic peripherals, paper machinery, glass industry, packaging machinery, powder transportation, mechanical cooling, general air supply and other industries. 

Because its supporting structure is equipped with a long shaft motor, concentric bearings need to be installed at the air inlet in order to achieve balanced and smooth operation, so in the application of the industry, the fan plays the role of air supply, blast, pressurization and blowing. 

Performance characteristics of full-air air blowers: 

Steady flow, high efficiency, low energy consumption: under the previous design and strict quality control, it has the following performance. 

Low energy consumption: so any method such as blowing and suction has its effectiveness, and it has a more conservative design in the range of high pressure, and it still operates safely when the use situation changes. 

Easy to install: can be installed in any horizontal or vertical direction. 

High reliability: in addition to the impeller, there are no other moving parts, and the impeller is directly connected to the motor, no gear or transmission belt drive, so the reliability is high, almost maintenance-free. 

Low vibration: the mechanical precision is high, and the other parts of the rotary part are designed with extremely precise balance, testing and correction, so the vibration rate is very low. 

Save space-solid design, reduce space waste. 

* High quality: with more than 30 years of manufacturing experience and strict quality control, all parts can meet the requirements of * high quality. 

At the same time, in order to ensure the performance, each fan is tested before leaving the factory. 

Suction air blower. 

Suction air blower configuration: 

1. Shell material: high-pressure fan adopts super-strength die-casting aluminum, die-casting aluminum is the same as automobile wheel-Yi aluminum, compared with ordinary aluminum alloy, die-casting aluminum is stronger and lighter than iron shell fan. 

2, motor performance: the motor used by the high-voltage fan is a wide-band, wide-voltage motor, which is listed as: single-phase 110V/230V industrial three-phase: 220amp 380max 415max 660V, etc., the motor frequency can be 45-75HZ frequency modulation, IP55 protection grade F insulation grade, its advantage is that the domestic motor can not reach the process, favored by customers at home and abroad. 

3. Fan oil seal: the material is fluorine rubber, which can withstand from-25 ℃ to 300 ℃. 

Compared with the general oil seal, the temperature of its lip is 20-50 ℃ higher than that of the working medium, so its performance is more stable, maintenance-free and longer service life. 

The matters needing attention in the installation of Helmke high pressure blower are as follows: 


Installation site-to be installed indoors where it is not disturbed by wind and rain. 


The ambient temperature is below-40 ℃. 


Relative humidity-below 80%. 


Air quality-if the air contains corrosive or flammable gases such as acid, alkali, etc., it should not be transported by a high-pressure blower to avoid danger. 


Dust protection-places with large amounts of dust, powder or fiber should be avoided. If necessary, install a filter and regularly clean up the dust attached to the filter screen and high-pressure blower. 


Ventilation and heat dissipation-Please choose to use it in a well-ventilated place, not in an airtight room or box. 


Placement space-for easy maintenance or repair, please avoid installing sites that are too narrow. 


Avoid vibration-please install in a vibration-free place; if the vibration is inevitable, anti-vibration measures should be installed to prevent the high-pressure blower from being damaged by external vibration.


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