Judge whether the air blower is burnt out

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It is a very common phenomenon that the air blower burns out the burnout machine, which may cause the burning phenomenon of the air blower if you do not pay attention to the power supply problem in use. 

For this situation, we can only take apart all the fans, share part of the motor, and rewind the brand-new copper wire inside. There is no other way. 

For how to prevent the damage of the air blower motor, it has also been introduced before, in addition to the power supply situation, it is the use of the case, such as serious overload or long-time treatment of overload operation, it is bound to cause damage to the motor. 

The main reaction of motor overload is serious heating, here may refer to: air blower overload causes and solutions, to deal with. 

So how do we make sure that the motor of the air blower is burnt out? 

Burnout of air blower. 

First, a simple and intuitive way, is the smell, if the motor burns out, there will first be a pungent belt burning smell, sometimes big, sometimes small, sometimes even accompanied by black smoke and blue smoke, once there is this case, then it can be concluded that the motor of the whirlpool air pump has been burned. 

Second, the use of professional workers and measurement. 

Is to shake the table, shake the table is what you can refer to Baidu encyclopedia, there is a very detailed explanation. 

The shaking meter can be used to test whether the motor is fully burned or one of the winding is burned. The measurement of the shaking meter is accurate. The method of use is as follows: 

The shaking table has two wires, one connected to the surface of the whirlpool air pump and the other edge connected to the terminal post. 

Then measure each post one by one, and then rotate the handle at a high speed to observe the movement and value of the pointer. 

If the value is very large, then it means nothing. If the value is very small, then it is burned, and the motor can be repaired and rewound. 

Because the maintenance of the motor is troublesome and needs to be taken apart, so in use, we need to pay attention to it all the time.


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