air blower for stp plant

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In the selection of air blower, attention should be paid to the variation law of air supply flow of high-pressure blower. There are requirements for the impeller material and the position material of the inner wall of the casing corresponding to the impeller. It is required that they will not produce sparks in case of collision. 

For the same air blower, its volumetric flow will not change in winter and summer, but the mass flow will change due to different air density, that is, the oxygen supply will be different. High pressure fan can also be used as suction fan Plastic, metal, chemical industry, mining, fish farming, medical treatment, loading, packaging, etc. the volume flow of air blower under standard state and use state is unchanged. 

The nicknames of air blower include air blower, blower, fan, vortex blower, vortex blower, air pump, air pump, vortex air pump, but due to changes in air density and moisture content, As a result, the oxygen supply delivered by the air blower to the aeration tank increases when the temperature decreases in winter and decreases when the temperature increases in summer. The design concept of vortex fan comes from Siemens, Germany, 0.25-25kw

All parts are processed by numerical control, with high precision and stable pressure and flow. When the impeller rotates, due to the action of centrifugal force, the wind vane promotes the gas to move forward and outward, forming a series of spiral movements. The sub fluid mechanical technology of Germany is introduced and absorbed. The product parts are made of aluminum alloy. The air between the impeller blades accelerates the rotation in a spiral shape and squeezes the gas outside the pump body into the side groove (inhaled by the suction port). 

When it enters the side channel, the gas is compressed, and then returns to the impeller blades to accelerate the rotation again. During the selection of high-pressure fan, attention should also be paid to the air flow of high-pressure blower. When the air passes through the impeller and side slot along a spiral track, the degree of compression and acceleration of each impeller blade increases. With the progress of rotation, the kinetic energy of the gas increases, further increasing the gas pressure passing along the side channel. The suction and discharge pipes of the high-pressure air pump are provided with silencing cotton, which has the advantages of small volume, large air volume, low noise and maintenance free. When the air reaches the connection point between the side slot and the discharge flange, the gas is squeezed out of the blade and discharged from the pump body through the outlet muffler.

Explosion proof high-pressure fan, medium pressure explosion-proof fan, high-temperature explosion-proof fan, anti-corrosion explosion-proof fan and explosion-proof air pump are one of the products sold by our company. The better the vacuum degree of air blower is, the less gas remains in the confined space and the thinner the gas is. Making blower has beautiful appearance, short supply cycle and high safety performance, Explosion proof fan can be used for high pressure (high pressure, small air volume, suitable for long-distance suction and supply). Jiangsu Quanfeng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern comprehensive enterprise integrating development, design, production and manufacturing with independent intellectual property rights (it has large air volume and low pressure, which is suitable for general suction and supply air). The exhaust pressure marked on the nameplate of the high-pressure blower is the rated exhaust pressure of the air blower, which is resistant to high temperature (suitable for high temperature environment) and anti-corrosion (applicable to the chemical industry to prevent the fan from being corroded), etc. the air inlet adopts the convergent streamline vortex reduction form, with small air loss, high working efficiency of air blower and double impeller vortex fan

One. We have summarized the main reasons for the high temperature of high-pressure fan, mainly in the following six aspects:

  1. Poor lubrication quality of air blower. The purpose of lubrication is to make the dynamic and static parts not directly contact to produce friction, but form the friction between solid and liquid. Low noise direct transmission, with built-in silencing filter at the outlet and inlet, which can greatly reduce the noise during operation. If the lubrication quantity is insufficient or the quality is poor, the dynamic and static parts will directly friction and heat, or the heat cannot be taken away through lubrication, resulting in the increase of bearing temperature of air blower. Vortex high-pressure fan is a kind of vortex high-pressure fan, which is mainly used for blowing and suction,

2. Poor assembly quality of rolling bearing of air blower. With the wide use of scroll fan, all kinds of equipment have standard operation processes, such as insufficient tightening force between inner sleeve and shaft, too large or too small clearance between outer sleeve and bearing seat.

3. The sealing felt is too tight and hot. The bearing adopts the original Nissan NSK and SKF Bearing, which has the characteristics of high speed and high temperature resistance, and adopts the sealed dust-proof design to prolong the service life,

4. The bearing of high-pressure fan vibrates too much and bears impact load. The impeller adopts multi wing single inlet centrifugal impeller, which is made of galvanized or cold-rolled steel plate. The blade is designed according to aerodynamic principle, which seriously affects the stability of lubricating film. 2kW high pressure air pump

5. The insufficient or interrupted cooling water of the bearing of the air blower affects the carrying out of heat. The bearing of the vortex blower is an important and key part of all transmission links. We have equipped you with imported SKF bearings to raise the bearing temperature.

6. The bearing quality of air blower is poor. Poor scraping and grinding quality of sliding bearing, poor black gold contact or tire loss; The impeller is directly connected to the motor without gear or transmission belt, so the high-pressure fan has high reliability and maintenance free. Cracks, fragmentation and peeling on the rolling surface of the rolling bearing will destroy the stability and uniformity of the oil film and heat the bearing.


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