air blower for aeration tank

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Easy installation: vortex air pump and air blower can be installed at the place of use at any time for compressed air or vacuum pumping. It can be installed in the horizontal or vertical direction at will.

High reliability: in addition to the impeller, the vortex air pump has no other moving parts, and the impeller is directly connected to the motor without gear or drive belt, so it has high reliability and almost maintenance free.

Low vibration: the mechanical precision is high. The other parts of the rotating part have undergone extremely precise balance design, testing and correction, so the vibration rate is very low.

Low noise: the low noise motor is directly driven, and there is a built-in silencing device at the inlet and outlet, which can reduce the noise during operation.

Strong structure: the vortex fan body is made of cast aluminum, which is different from the general fan made of iron shell.

No oil, gas and pollution: when the impeller rotates, it does not contact with any parts and is free of lubrication, so it can ensure no oil and gas.

Pressure of air blower of aerobic aeration tank:

(1) Static pressure (PS): the so-called static pressure is the force exerted by the fluid on the surface of the appliance and perpendicular to the surface. In the fan, it is generally caused by gravity and the push of the fan. In use, it is often expressed in kgf / m2 or mmaq, and can be directly measured. In the air duct of the fan,

The static pressure value in any direction is a fixed value and can be positive or negative. If the static pressure value is regular, it means that the air duct is currently expanding. If the static pressure value is negative, it means that the air duct is currently being squeezed.

(2) Dynamic pressure (PV): the so-called dynamic pressure is the pressure formed by the speed of fluid flowing in the air duct. In use, it is often expressed in kgf / m2 or mmaq

(3) Total pressure (PT): the so-called total pressure is the sum of static pressure and dynamic pressure, which is often expressed in kgf / m2 or mmaq in use. In the fan, the total pressure value is fixed and will not change due to the contraction of the air duct


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