Unique special air blower for aquaculture

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Special blower / high pressure vacuum blower / air blower for aquaculture is one of the necessary mechanical equipment for high yield and high efficiency aquaculture. 

Rational use of aerator can not only prevent and reduce floating head, but also improve water quality, strengthen pond water circulation and promote plankton reproduction. 

Air blower for aquaculture. 

Characteristics of SCB series aquaculture high pressure aeration blower: 

  1. Safe oil-free and water-free compression. 

2. IP54 protection grade, F class insulated motor. 

3. Dual-frequency (50/60HZ) wide voltage motor, which meets the global voltage level. 

4. the design of external bearing improves the reliability and service life of aeration fan. 

5. Variable frequency drive is optional, and the driving performance of ordinary motor is 300% higher than that of ordinary motor. 

6. The unique sealing form between the impeller and the pump body reduces the pressure loss of high pressure gas.


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