air blowers and its oxygen charging advantage

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The oxygenation place for the application of high pressure aerator. 

1. Complete improvement of underwater hypoxia. 

Anoxia at the bottom of aquaculture water body is one of the main causes of sediment corruption, which leads to water quality corruption, limited production capacity and diseases of aquaculture products. 

After aeration in the bottom layer, the total oxygen content of the whole water body is greatly increased and the surface layer is rich. 

With the continuous replacement of oxygenated water and bottom anoxic water, the dissolved oxygen content of the surface layer and the bottom layer tend to be consistent, which can greatly improve the hypoxia condition of the bottom layer. 

A large number of experiments have proved that in natural aquaculture waters, the use of bottom aeration system increases the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water by more than 40% compared with other aeration machines. 

air blower. 

2. Reduce the harmful substances in the water body. 

In the process of culture, a large number of harmful substances such as ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, hydrogen sulfide, Escherichia coli and Vibrio will be produced in the water body. 

After the bottom layer is used for oxygenation, these harmful substances will be greatly improved due to the tumbling of the water body and the abundance of oxygen in the bottom layer. 

The decrease of nitrite, especially nitrite and Escherichia coli, was more obvious. 

Practice has proved that the use of bottom aeration system can completely eliminate the worry of nitrite harm. 

3. Improve the quality of pool bottom. 

The bottom quality of the pond is very important for aquaculture. 

Sediment precipitation has become a very headache and difficult problem in the process of culture. 

Under the action of the bottom aeration system, the deposited residual bait, feces, molting and silt can be treated effectively. 

Decompose and oxidize together with decaying algae, improve the sediment, activate and guide the ecological function of the sediment. 

4. Increase natural bait and save bait. 

Under the action of the bottom aeration system, it can promote the reproduction and growth of beneficial algae and plankton in the water, and increase the natural bait. 

In the case of the same output, more than 15% of the bait can be saved.


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