Comparison between air blower and Roots blower

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The following is a comparison between the air blower and the Roots blower. 

1. Can the air blower be used for aeration? 

Of course it is! 

Both air blower and swirl blower can be used for aeration. 

In the sewage treatment industry, air blowers are also used. 

The air blower can be used on a single machine and can be blown or inhaled. 

The rated pressure of the aeration fan can be as high as 70kpa! 

The single stage pressure of Roots blower can be increased to 98kpa, and the secondary pressure can reach 198 or even 200kpa, which requires higher design technology. 

2. Knowledge of air blower. 

The impeller of air blower is composed of 10 blades. 

It is similar to a giant gas turbine impeller. 

When the impeller of the aeration fan rotates, the air between the impeller blades moves to the edge of the impeller under the action of centrifugal force, and the air enters the pump body. 

The ring cavity then returns to the impeller and circulates again from the seven points of the blade in the same way. 

As the air is uniformly accelerated, the circulating air produced by the impeller rotates so that the air escapes spirally, so the air leaves the pump body with extremely high energy for use. 

3. Physical classification of air blower

It is divided into three categories: single-stage, two-stage and three-stage. 

These three kinds of high pressure blower / air blower have their own characteristics. 

Even three kinds of high pressure blowers with the same power have different corresponding parameters. 

Therefore, the costs and prices of the three types are also different. 

Generally speaking, in the case of the same power, the unit price of single impeller is low, followed by double impeller, and then three impeller, because each additional impeller means that the fan shell is more expensive. 

Thickening is different from process casting. 

So far, SCB Hemk series air blowers have been launched, which are professionally developed for sewage treatment and sewage treatment industries. 

Provide high flow as well as high voltage


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